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Global Personnel Resources:    a service of Empowered Enterprises Internantional, llc

Recruitment Methods


All candidates are personally interviewed in a face-to-face interview if at all possible prior to being presented.  They are evaluated on personal appearance, self-expression, and overall Professionalism.  Their work experience is reviewed to determine the relevance and sufficiency of their experience, as well as their skill and competence.  Their adaptability, motivation, interpersonal skills, and leadership abilities are also considered for their potential growth and development.

In addition to the candidate’s employment history, his or her educational experience is also taken into consideration.  Candidates are judged on the relevance, breadth and depth of their knowledge, their level of accomplishment, and their capacity for teamwork. Personal and professional references checks are conducted through written and oral communication with previous employers and coworkers.  Career counseling is provided on an ongoing basis.

Candidates are reviewed for each client’s specific needs, and additional training is recommended if appropriate. All recruiting practices meet or exceed all EEOC hiring guidelines. We do whatever is necessary to ensure that the candidate has every opportunity to prove himself qualified and capable of representing our firm and clients in a professional manner.

Policy Against Discrimination:
Candidates shall be screened and referred for positions of employment only on the basis of the candidate’s professional qualifications.  The candidate’s race, creed, color, religion, sex, age, national origin, marital status, handicap, disability, sexual orientation, and other protected characteristics shall not be a factor in referral.  Our firm will refuse any job order from any client which contains any discriminatory provisions unless the client can provide satisfactory evidence that such discriminatory provision is a bona fide occupational qualification.

Who We Are


 Our career experts have over fifteen years experience in presenting candidates to meet the specific human resource needs of our clients.  Our expertise is identifying the experience, qualities and personality traits that ensure a candidate will have ability to perform the job and work compatibly with your workforce.  Our recruitment process yields information not only on the skills of the candidate, but an assessment of each individual’s strengths and weaknesses.  We look for what the candidate has done, what he/she is willing to do, and then predict what they will be able to do under a given set of circumstances.  We therefore present candidates who will function most productively in a specific situation.

Our services are cost effective because recruiting is our sole responsibility. We specialize in recruiting for specific industries, e.g., the insurance industry, so we are more effective and efficient in identifying qualified candidates.  Our experience gives us the ability to interpret the job requirements and present candidates capable of producing the desired result.  Our goal is to work with you to provide new members of your team who are dedicated to the accomplishment of your goals.  By providing candidates with the optimum personal characteristics as well as the required technical skills, we create a winning situation for everyone involved.

Because our service provides better qualified candidates with all aspects of your needs taken into consideration, they will fit into your corporate identity, function productively, and become a valued asset. Thus we accomplish our goal of long term customer satisfaction. We are dedicated to maintaining a reputation of service excellence, ethical practices, and responsible actions; honesty and integrity is a consistent theme throughout our organization.